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Voice technology is becoming an essential, not an optional staple of new homes. National Public Media’s 2022 Smart Audio Report shows that more than a third of Americans own a smart speaker and more than 75% agree that the technology allows for a more convenient lifestyle. More and more manufacturers are including technology in appliances, fixtures, and other home essentials so the likelihood of clients receiving these capabilities in their homes is increasing. The report found that millennials, more than any other generation, are wholeheartedly embracing technology in their homes, but that it’s proving to be a useful tool for aging generations as well.

“Only one in 10 homeowners currently use voice assistants to control products in the kitchen,” according to the Research Institute for Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence, “but Millennials and high-income homeowners use them for this purpose at twice the rate,” the research firm reported in its July 2022 trend email.

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