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Stone and tile company Walker Zanger recently unveiled a new line of terra cotta tiles that draws inspiration from traditional Moorish architecture and Old Spanish ornamentation.

The Andalucia collection of hand-finished products “re-imagines the motifs and patterns on a larger scale for a fresh and timeless approach that is comfortably at home in the 21st century,” the company says.

“Andalucia reflects the unique commingling of Moorish and European designs that are found in Seville, Cordoba, and Granada in southern Spain,” adds Jared Becker, Walker Zanger’s vice president of design and marketing. “The collection is captivating with its layered geometric shapes and deep reliefs, which are accentuated by the delicate glazes carefully applied to allow a hint of terra cotta to show through.”

The collection includes names such as Puerta (Spanish for door) and Alzacar (Spanish for fortress) that reveal both their ancient influences and modern sensibilities, the company says.

The 10-inch-wide “San Miguel” tiles, which are named for the Mexican city famed for its baroque Spanish architecture, feature a hexagon layered upon a diamond, while “Marrakesh” is a hexagon overlaid by a dodecagon, creating an infinite variety of mesmerizing geometric interactions.

Field tiles in the collection include rectangles, squares, hexagons, and arabesques. Trim pieces are also available. The color palette includes gray, white, and numerous subtle blues.