Warning Signs That Something is Amiss

Warning Signs That Something is Amiss

By Bill Lurz, Senior Editor | August 31, 2004



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1. Frequent health, family or personal issues that require absences during the day.

2. Employee gets angry when questioned about meeting reasonable deadlines or providing necessary details of backup information.

3. Items disappear from locked houses; field staff blames others.

4. Uncontrolled and unauthorized use of company credit cards.

5. No time to meet with managers.

6. Trades and suppliers complain about abuses of power.

7. Attempts to sign checks when owner not available, even though not authorized.

8. Key documents are suddenly lost.

9. Obvious lack of supervision of far-off jobs.

10. A pattern of variances for one super that are out of line with those of others.

11. Sensitivity about pass codes and locked drawers.

12. Catching people in lies.

13. Other employees mention lack of effort.

14. Disruption of previously smooth-functioning teams.

15. Check numbers not in order.

16. Single-person oversights of large sums of money.

17. Confusion in operations where none previously existed.


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