Wealthy Homeowners Ditch Marble Bathrooms for Pantries, “Decontamination Stations”

June 8, 2020
Modern farmhouse entry foyer
By poligonchik

The pandemic has changed so much of daily life even as states begin to reopen. Luxury finishes for master bathrooms and open concept layouts were at the forefront of high-end home design, but now Business Insider reports that the ultrawealthy are spending their dollars making decked out pantries, high-tech laundry rooms, and self-contained “decontamination” foyers to place groceries down and sanitize themselves before entering the home. All of the days spent inside have shifted how many Americans relate to their home, so it makes sense that design is starting to lean heavily toward practicality. Other trends that experts predict will be in high demand are well-designed outdoor spaces, antibacterial surfaces, and even more greenery will find its way indoors than before.  

A week before the pandemic struck, 44-year old attorney Jason Post closed on his dream home: a townhouse in Sunset Harbor, a quiet bayside corner of South Beach, Florida. Post was primed to begin a gut renovation, steered by Brooklyn-based architect and interior designer Adam Meshberg. Those plans shifted drastically as soon as the impact of COVID-19 became evident.

"The idea was that you'd walk in, and everything would be wide open, so you could see the water from the front door, and I wanted to maintain that feeling," Post told Business Insider. "But I also wanted a distinct area when I walk in — not to sound so clinical, but almost like a decontamination station: somewhere to put down my groceries and take off my shoes."

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