Weighing Childcare Costs In Cities And Suburbs

March 9, 2017

In some metro areas, housing and childcare costs are cheaper in the suburbs than in the city. In other places, the opposite is true.

Zillow examined housing and childcare costs in the nation’s 30 largest metros and found a split between which was cheaper: the cities or the suburbs. In 14 metros, including New York City, Dallas, and Chicago, the suburbs were much cheaper. Cities were found to be significantly cheaper in 12 metros, such as Cleveland, Phoenix, and San Diego. The remaining four metros were relatively equal.

In New York, the monthly suburban savings add up to a staggering $5,936. In other markets – including Philadelphia ($1,155 per month), Baltimore ($899 per month) and Cleveland ($753 per month) – families will spend less on housing and child care living in the city relative to the suburbs.

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