What Cities Are Developers Investing In?

For real-estate investors, New York is out and Nashville is in
October 8, 2015
What Cities Are Developers Investing In?
What Cities Are Developers Investing In?

Companies are moving to affordable cities that can offer its employees walkability, culture, and good public transit systems. A new study found that Nashville ranks higher than New York in a list of such cities.

MarketWatch reports that PricewaterhouseCoopers worked together with the Urban Land Institute to release their annual “Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2016” report. Included in the report is the survey results of “1,800 real-estate investors, fund managers, developers, property companies, lenders, brokers, advisers, and consultants who were asked where they’d allocate capital in the future.

The top 10 cities on the list were Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, Charlotte, Seattle, Atlanta, Denver, Nashville, San Francisco, Portland, Ore., and Los Angeles. The largest city in the U.S., New York, was ranked number 15.

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