What To Expect From Smart Homes In 2017

December 28, 2016

This year was big for connected home systems such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, but 2017 is expected to be even stronger. Those products, plus Microsoft’s Cortana, are being integrated into more alarm clocks, TVs, and refrigerators.

Fast Company predicted how smart home technology will advance within the next year. Soon, smartwatches and fitness trackers will connect with thermostats, ceiling fans, and lighting systems for a more personalized and automated home experience. Certain devices, such as Brita water filters and GE dryers, will order supplies when needed.

But, smart home systems will remain difficult to set up, and robots will not yet become practical.

These new household robots are pricey, and in some cases the setup seems like more trouble than it's worth. Meanwhile, the idea of a Rosie-like robot remains an immense technological challenge requiring sophisticated mechanical components and artificial intelligence that aren't likely to be commercialized anytime soon.

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