What Men Want In A Kitchen

November 14, 2016

Judging by current trends, a man’s place is in the kitchen.

The Washington Post reports that men now cook as often as women, and therefore are becoming more proactive when it comes to kitchen design choices.

Men prefer contemporary styles—such as flat-front cabinetry, bolder colors, contrasting-color palettes and upgraded appliances—and larger and more high-tech appliances. Men also spend 30 percent more than women on appliances.

“Almost everyone, including both men and women, are influenced by what they see on TV,” says Blue Arnold, principal of Kitchens by Request in Jarrettsville, Md. “I have clients who reference specific cooking shows and the kitchens they see on shows like ‘House Hunters.’ ” Arnold says a difference he sees between his male and female clients is that men want “experiential cooking like Bobby Flay, with big and bold kitchens and big and bold cooking that blends outdoor and indoor cooking techniques.”

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