What State Is Ranked First for Job Growth in America?

December 10, 2019
Utah Billboard
Photo by Jaxon Lott on Unsplash

A vibrant tech-center with a booming economy, low employment, and productive government and nonprofit collaborations? No, it's not California. Utah, a surprising frontrunner in total job growth, is generating buzz with high marks on its economic report card and smart investment into its state, such as a top-notch transit system. But with that bolstered interest in the Beehive State comes the challenges such as a lack of affordability that plague trendy places to live.  

Utah’s economy is booming thanks to a combination of strong employment growth, a vibrant tech industry and collaboration between business, labor and government.

The Beehive State ranks among the fastest-growing states in the nation, with a 1.9 percent growth in population from 2017 to 2018 and is the youngest state in the nation with a median age of 30.5 years. 

Despite falling fertility rates, Utah continues to have the largest household size in the nation at 3.19. Ninety-one percent of the population in Utah lives in an urban setting and the population continues to diversify racially and ethnically.

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