Whole House Estimates, With Unrivaled Accuracy From Your Lumberyard

By MiTek | March 22, 2016

The Sapphire software platform assures accuracy by drawing material quantities from the actual framing model, not just from the geometric image of the structure

Using MiTek’s SAPPHIRE™ software platform, National Lumber can seamlessly compute accurate estimates based on Bills of Material for buildings in whatever form the plans are delivered. From there, National Lumber creates estimates that are highly accurate.

How can the accuracy be assured? SAPPHIRE goes far beyond the “drawn lines” and “rough counts” that are generated from other estimators, like Planswift, Estima, ProEst, and PrebuiltML.  That’s because SAPPHIRE draws material quantities from the actual framing model, not just the “rough shape” or the geometric image of the structure. 

Central to this estimating system is the shared SAPPHIRE BIM model. “With SAPPHIRE, we have a unified solution for rapid accurate quotes, and since we are working from project-specific models, and BOMs pulled from those models, we have consistent and accurate modeling across every aspect of our organization,” National Lumber’s James Anderson explained.

“We used to do this cave man style,” said Manny Pina, President of Massachusetts-based National Lumber, “figuring estimates with paper and pencil.  But now, with the SAPPHIRE™ platform, we are able to generate extremely precise estimates, working from 2D PDF backgrounds we get from builders or that we create ourselves with SAPPHIRE.  Our team can see architectural plans coming in and use them to design the components, spec the EWP, and calculate nearly everything else that’s going into the structure:  Siding, shingles, drywall, insulation, pretty much everything, except the concrete, plumbing, and electrical.”

National runs saws guided by the SAPPHIRE BIM models.

National Lumber has long used the SAPPHIRE Suite for the structural design, wood frame optimization, and component design/manufacturing. National’s automated saws are also driven by the SAPPHIRE BIM models, which are driven by SAPPHIRE design files, a process that yield components and framing kits that are accurate to 1/16th inch.  But now National Lumber can use the full power of SAPPHIRE to make National’s whole-structure estimates more precise, beyond the accuracy they attain for structural components and iJoists, to the point of quickly and accurately creating a complete Bill of Material for each job. 

The SAPPHIRE Platform

Designed specifically to meet the needs of component manufacturers and lumber and building material dealers, all in service of their builder customers, the various modules of MiTek’s SAPPHIRE serve as a single-source software solution that combines complete materials estimating and structural frame design.  Simultaneously, for the component manufacturer SAPPHIRE serves as an advanced structural component design software, driving precision saws in the make-up yard for component manufacturing or framing kits for stick built structures.  SAPPHIRE is so powerful, it can reach across the dealer’s operations to incorporate the product SKU’s to create a complete quote.  SAPPHIRE does this while performing analysis and design on a wide range of structural products including EWP, dimensional lumber, and even metal connectors and hangers.  This offers unparalleled collaboration among builder material dealers, component manufacturers, builders, developers, architects, and trades by sharing the common Building Information Model (BIM), all of which can be viewed on MiTek’s free SAPPHIRE Viewer software