Why Some Empty-Nesters Are Upsizing

November 12, 2019
Old People
Image by Claudia Peters from Pixabay

Retirees are often empty-nesters looking to downsize. But almost a fourth of Boomers are looking for a house bigger than the one they had before in order to accommodate visiting family or live the life they feel they have finally earned. 

When Ruth Brod retired from her job as a probation officer in 2004, she and her retired husband, Al, decided to sell their 1,600-square-foot house in New Hyde Park, N.Y. and move into a 2,800-square-foot house in Delray Beach, Fla. Having ample room to accommodate visiting friends and family was only part of the reason the couple decided to upsize in retirement.

“The home prices had risen dramatically in the area where I lived, so I was able to afford to buy a nicer home,” Ruth explains. “I could’ve bought something just fine for half the price. But when you’ve worked hard all these years, it’s nice to be comfortable.”

The Brods’ spacious ranch on a quiet cul-de-sac is part of a vibrant 55-and-up community which has given them a chance to make new friends and embrace a range of activities there.

“I really enjoy my home,” Ruth says. “It’s not just a house; I bought a lifestyle.”

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