Windows With a Twist

September 6, 2018
Windows through a window pane
Photo: Unsplash/Pamela Saunders

Originated in Europe, tilt and turn windows are becoming more popular with homeowners in the United States. Proponents of these windows claim they are easy to use, and can make homes healthier and safer. 

Bogdan Glushko, CEO of window and door manufacturer Seemray explains, “The inward tilt accomplishes many things: It promotes a fresh flow of air into the home, and it allows the homeowner to enjoy the outdoors without fear of kids and pets escaping." reports that the cost of these windows vary by material and size, and are typically made with wood, plastic, or vinyl. Experts in the category say these windows are more expensive than traditional single- or double-hung windows. 

The window handle allows the window to turn in a particular direction. To open the window either horizontally or in a tilt position, you'll rotate the handle, then pull the window toward you. To lock the window, rotate the handle 180 degrees until it’s pointing down. You’ll feel the locking mechanisms click into place. There’s a reason tilt and turn windows became a standard in European homes: They’re easy to use and offer homeowners a variety of benefits such as increased ventilation, security, and energy efficiency.

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