Wyoming, South Dakota Among the Best Places For Retirement

May 4, 2017

The millions of people that have moved to Florida to enjoy their retirement are onto something.

The New York Times reports that WalletHub ranked the best and worst states for retirement, based on affordability, health care, and general quality of life. Florida, the most affordable state and (probably) the state with the best weather, ranked first.

Wyoming and South Dakota rounded out the top three. Wyoming scored highly on affordability, and South Dakota has great healthcare.

On the other end, the District of Columbia (51st in quality of life), Alaska (50th in quality of life), and Rhode Island (51st in affordability) finished last.

While New York may offer the best quality of life for retirees, it’s too pricey for many. Alabama may be one of the cheapest places to live, but the quality of healthcare there leaves a lot to be desired. And while Minnesota may offer the best healthcare it is also very expensive.

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