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November 15, 2013

National stone veneer manufacturer brings Wisconsin billboard to life

Who knew billboards could be a work of art? Clear Channel Communications did, thanks to Environmental StoneWorks’ Midwest Region Sales Leader Dennis Johnson.

“When I initially learned about the billboard project, Clear Channel was planning to use precast and manufactured stone, which would have created a very expensive billboard,” explained Johnson. “Since their plans included more than one billboard, they were looking for alternatives to bring the cost down. This project was also a regional test case; so if the billboards were successful, they planned to take the design to other regions across the U.S.”

Describing Clear Channel’s vision to Midwest Plant Manager Cory McKinnon, Dennis and Cory decided to create a mock-up to give the customer a clear visual picture of what the billboard would look like. Using a larger scale sample, they incorporated a decorative piece of metal to separate the Environmental StoneWorks’ Hackett Ozark and the Marquee Panel stone veneers. 

“By applying a little creativity, we were able to display the customer’s vision and show them how the stone veneer would complement any digital message Clear Channel decided to showcase on these unique billboard structures,” continued Johnson.  “Using the Marquee Panel instead of precast cut their costs in half, which made the customer very pleased.”

“It doesn’t seem to matter what message is on the digital billboards, the stone veneer makes it stand out,” adds Midwest Region General Manager Tom Wilmet. “It was an interesting project to work on and a great reminder that adding stone veneer to your project significantly adds distinction and style to any structure.”

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