10 Affordable Housing Hotbeds

January 11, 2019
Ohio landscape
Photo: Unsplash/Aaron Mello

In 10 U.S. cities, aspiring homeowners can purchase a house for less than the national median home price, $222,000.

Using Census and Realtor.com data, finance website 24/7 Wall Street created a list of 10 cities with the most single-family homes valued at less than $100,000. Four of the top 10 are located in Ohio: Dayton, Cleveland, Toledo, and Akron, with median home values ranging between $66,500 in Dayton and $80,100 in Akron. Detroit had the lowest median home value in the study, $42,800, while Brownsville, Texas had the highest, $85,900, CNBC reports. 

"Bargains definitely exist, but buyers should go in with their eyes open," says Realtor.com chief economist Danielle Hale. In some areas, she explains, "$100,000 can buy a pretty decent home that maybe needs a little bit of updating." In other places, however, "it might be a home that needs an awful lot of work and might be in not-yet-up-and-coming neighborhoods."

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