10 Beach Towns That Won’t Break The Bank

July 1, 2016

Sure, many people would love to live in a beach town where the ocean and warm, sandy beaches are just a few minutes walk away. Unfortunately, affording this luxury is easier dreamed about than accomplished in reality.

But all is not lost, as RealtyTrac has identified 10 bargain beach towns with fewer than 50,000 residents and a high quality of life, MarketWatch reports. Quality of life was measured by looking at good weather and air quality.

Also, it should be noted that just because these are bargains in terms of beach towns, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheap. Many places on the list had median home prices over $300,000, not to mention the proximity to the water means the possibility for higher insurance costs.

Keansburg, N.J., Crisfield, Md., Palm Beach, Fla., Emerald Isle, N.C., and Florence, Ore. are all included on the list. Florence, Ore., was the only beach town on the list located on the very expensive West Coast. Crisfield, Md. had the lowest median sales price on the list coming in under $100,000.

For the full list, click the link below.

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