The 10 Highest Paying Cities For Tech Jobs

February 1, 2016

Tech jobs are exploding, and despite what shows like The IT Crowd might have you believe, there is more involved in these professions than just asking, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” With so many aspects of everyday life using some sort of computer or information technology, it stands to reason employment in this field is growing rapidly. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows just about every job you can imagine in the technology field is growing faster or much faster than average.

Forbes reports that has looked at the state of tech industry compensation and compiled a list of the ten best paying cities for tech jobs. The number one city on the list will not come as much of a surprise.

With an average salary of $118,243 in 2015, Silicon Valley retained the number one spot. That is over $20,000 more than the total average salary for tech professionals in 2015 of $96,370.

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