10 Home Features Millennials Want

August 21, 2019
home office
Photo: Unsplash/Norbert Levajsics

Realtor.com found the features that Millennials are looking for when buying a home.

Think millennials aren't in the market to buy a home? On the contrary, by early 2019, millennials represented 42% of all new home loans. What does this mean for home sellers? It means it's time to start revamping your house to attract these buyers!

The remote work trend is on the rise for all groups, but especially among millennials. As a result, Kerron Stokes, a real estate agent with Re/Max Leaders in Colorado, suggests showcasing a home's live-work versatility by carving out space for a home office.

"Appliances such as smart thermostats, smart doorbells, and more that can be controlled from an app are all the rage," Stokes explains. "Connectivity is king when putting a house on the market these days."

Other popular features include energy efficient appliances, a game room, USB outlets, and neutral colors.

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