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San Jose is the most undervalued housing market in the U.S.
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Across the U.S., home prices are skyrocketing, causing many prospective buyers to continue renting. Despite elevated prices, some markets offer a better return on investment than others. GoBankingRates put together a list of the 10 most undervalued housing markets in the U.S. The No. 1 most undervalued market is San Jose, Calif., followed by San Francisco, and then Clewiston, Fla. In these markets, the difference between average home value and median list price is $238,665, $180,604, and $93,964, respectively.

You might be thinking that buying a home in this market is simply out of the question. However, you might be surprised that there are still some undervalued U.S. housing markets in 2024.

Insider Monkey describes an underpriced housing market as one where the median list price tends to be lower than the typical home value.

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