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Storage solutions manufacturer Rev-A-Shelf has unveiled 10 new pull-outs and extended storage solution products for kitchen cabinetry.

Rev-A-Shelf’s new introductions come at a time when storage (or the lack of it) is top of mind for homeowners. Houzz’s 2021 Kitchen Trends Study found that the pandemic has intensified the need for more kitchen storage. 

Storage solutions save homeowners time and hassle, and these organizers can add an extra personal touch to a space.

The most common ways homeowners are solving their storage woes in 2021 are by adding kitchen islands, walk-in pantries, and cabinets. Kitchen projects that involved cabinet upgrades included the installation of specialty storage, according to the 2021 Houzz report.


Pull-out waste or recycling bins, cookie sheet organizers, and spice organizers are some of the most popular specialty kitchen cabinet storage solutions. Homeowners seem to enjoy the ease of opening drawers, and many of Rev-A-Shelf’s redesigns and new launches pay keen attention to this.

Rev-A-Shelf’s ready to ship interior organizers also offer a cost effective addition that can kick a kitchen up a notch when compared to customizable storage solutions and cabinets. 

Here are Rev-A-Shelf’s 10 new interior cabinet organizers for kitchens.

Maxx Drawer System

rev a shelf maxx drawer organizer

Developed in collaboration with Cabinetworks group, this drawer organizer features two pull away upper sections with a compartmentalized main drawer. All dividers can be moved around in any way the homeowner prefers for maximum storage and personalization. Similar to the majority of Rev-A-Shelf’s offerings, the Maxx Drawer features a natural maple interior. It fits any 24-inch base cabinets.

Paper Towel Pull-Out

paper towel drawer holder

This base cabinet organizer will store cleaning supplies, trash bags, and paper towels, eliminating the typical chaotic under sink situation. Residential pros have the choice between a 12-inch face frame or 9-inch full frame. Each paper towel pull-out organizer comes in a semi-gloss natural maple construction with door mount brackets and a soft close function.

Cut-Out Cutting Board Drawer

drawer pull out cutting board

Releasing this summer, the newly designed cut out cutting board drawer can be ideal for a homeowner who enjoys cooking at home. Fit for 18-inch base cabinet drawers, the organizer pulls out and reveals a natural maple cutting board with a hole. This hole comes covered in a removable funnel insert that allows homeowners to discard scraps into the below trash can. It also includes a soft close function and door mounting brackets.

Value Line Waste Container

trash drawer pull out

Trash pull outs remain one of the most desired and most installed cabinet organizers on the market. Rev-A-Shelf’s value line makes trash pull outs more accessible and affordable. The Value Line pull out will fit 15-, 18-, and 21-inch base cabinets. Homeowners can either have both a recycling and trash can or just one, which leaves extra room for additional storage. The organizer offers a semi-glossy finish and dovetail construction.

Universal Waste Pull Out

adjustable trash pull out

Releasing this summer in a new size and finish, the Universal Waste Pull Out can be ideal for tight spaces, the company says. The organizer works with 27-, 30-, and 33-inch sink base cabinets. Its ability to be adjusted easily allows homeowners to place it under the sink and adjust around plumbing when needed.

Base Cabinet Pull Out with Knife Block and Utensil Bin

knife drawer organizer

The pull out organizer with a knife block and utensil bin will be available in 9- and 12-inch full height face frame base cabinets. This solution provides homeowners with a bin for cooking utensils, a side mounted knife block, cutting mats, and an extra lower shelf for additional storage.

Drawer Pull Out

rev a shelf drawer pull out

When a homeowner has cabinet doors but desires the easy access and view that comes with drawers, Rev-A-Shelf’s drawer pull outs can switch a cabinet’s functionality. The soft close and dovetail construction offers a clean maple appearance on 33 pound rated slides. Now, these pull outs can work with 12-, 15-, 18-, and 21-inch base cabinets.

Wire Pullout Shelves

heavy duty wire cabinet pull out

For a 27-inch base cabinet with 23.5-inch openings, the wire pull out shelves offer a durable storage solution. The wire organizers are heavy duty chrome plated frames, the company says. Homeowners can choose between one or two tiered options.

Pantry System Container Organizer

walk in pantry organizer

Luxury pantries—or any walk-in pantry—have quickly become high on homeowners lists. Pantries with easily viewable products ultra-organized and labeled have become the trend on social media and in pop culture. Rev-A-Shelf’s pantry system container organizer comes with BPA free, durable, airtight acrylic containers that fit on a fully extendable track. This solution works with 18-, 24-, or 30-inch pantry panel systems. 

Maple Bottom Mount Waste Container

reduced depth trash pull out

In a new slim profile, the maple bottom mount waste container can now fit into 15-inch reduced depth base cabinets. Its slim silhouette allows it to fit perfectly under the sink or even under a desk, says the company.