10 Tech Products That Make Homes Smarter

July 31, 2015

Remember the days of manually filling ice trays for the freezer? Or writing a grocery list?

RealtorMag highlights 10 household products that make make life easier, including LG’s HomeChat. With an LG’s Smart Refrigerator, people can text the fridge to tell it to make more ice, and the unit also has a camera that snaps photos of what food and beverages are inside so that users can see what items they need when grocery shopping.

Other devices featured include Nest’s Learning Thermostat, which automatically adjusts itself to user preferences; UniKey’s Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock, a deadbolt lock that can be activated by the touch of a finger; and the WallyHome leak detector, wireless sensors placed near sinks and toilets that send messages to users’ smartphones when water begins to drip.

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