10 Ways the Pandemic Is Changing Future Home Design

April 22, 2020
modern pantry mudroom with plenty of shelf space and drawer storage for food and sundries
By victor zastol'skiy

From virtual healthcare appointments to working from home, the coronavirus is shaking up American norms. When it comes to home design, designers say that the virus may make builders rethink some of the more popular trends, according to Realtor.com. Though stainless steel has been a modern fan-favorite, brass is more bacteria-resistant. Too much “open concept” design in a home could become a nightmare if you’re sheltering in place with a large family. And a mudroom isn't just a cute extra room to store muddy athletic gear—it is now a place that could keep pathogens traveling on the bottom of shoes out.  

Life as we know it has changed dramatically in the coronavirus era, affecting work, school, travel, and more. And it's shed light on the way we live at home, underscoring the fact that there's nothing more important than safe shelter for our family.

To that end, COVID-19 is influencing what people want to see in home design.

"After the pandemic, our homes are going to reflect the lessons learned during this painful period, such as ways to disinfect ourselves and our possessions," says Jamie Gold, a wellness design consultant and author of "Wellness by Design."

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