100 Of The Best Companies For Working Remotely

February 2, 2016

Imagine if instead of sitting in morning rush hour, trying to keep cool as a person who just had their turn signal on for a mile and a half turned it off right before squeezing into your lane, your daily commute didn’t involve traffic, or even a car.

Working remotely from home is a growing trend, and many companies are beginning to not only acknowledge that trend, but also embrace it. As Forbes reports, FlexJobs, an online service devoted to listing jobs that can be done remotely, has just come out with its third annual list for the best companies for remote jobs.

The site saw a 36 percent increase in the number of remote job listings, with computer and IT jobs providing the most opportunities. Writer, engineer, and marketing manager were a few of the other popular jobs for telecommuting.

The top three companies on the list were LiveOps, TeleTech, and the online retail giant Amazon.

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