11 Ways Manufacturer Web sites Can Cater to Builders’ Needs

Most manufacturer sites are too product-oriented. Here are Glenn Singer's suggestions for improvement.

By By Glenn J. Singer, Builder Partnerships, LLC | February 28, 2010


Recently, I’ve been reviewing building product manufacturer Web sites and have concluded that the vast majority of these sites are too product-oriented. Most sites do a great job of conveying product and technical information, but they’re not builder-friendly. I urge manufacturers to cater to builders’ needs by offering the following information on their Web sites:

  1. 1. Product information geared toward builders’ needs and wants
  2. 2. Installation instructions, including videos of installation training for products
  3. Detailed warranty information
  4. Scopes of work that pertain to the products
  5. Up-to-date marketing support/materials
  6. Training for builders’ sales professionals
  7. Details of rebate programs
  8. A geographical list of distributors
  9. Code compliance information
  10. Continuing education courses
  11. Market research findings

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