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While the United States is a hub for high quality product design, manufacturing, and ultimately application, there is an undeniably significant amount of innovation going on outside our borders. The annual Red Dot Design Awards—whose 2023 recipients were recently announced—are a showcase of that international excellence. 

Since 1955, when the first Red Dot Design Awards were determined and further put on displayed in Essen, Germany, the annual competition has continuously brought together a jury of experts to highlight innovative design from around the globe in myriad product categories. And while home products is not the expressed focus of the awards, several nonetheless make the cut. 

In wanting to give our readers a glimpse at the achievements in home product design being developed in other countries—whether it be Germany, Italy, Norway, China, or somewhere else—we reviewed each and every one of this year's 2,000+ award recipients, selecting what we believe to be the most exciting and inspiring innovations.  

Top Products From Around the World 

Ottobock Shoulder (exoskeleton) by Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons, Germany

Ottobock Shoulder (exoskeleton) by Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons — Germany

“This exoskeleton reduces stress on shoulder muscles and joints by over 40 per cent. Another interesting aspect is how quickly the user can put it on, and the unisex design,” praised the jury. Various add-ons, such as a neck support or a fire-resistant jacket for welding work, make Ottobock Shoulder an excellent and simple solution for many everyday work situations, bringing genuine relief to people in jobs involving heavy physical work.

Light Energy Powered Zigbee Control Unit by Shenzhen Sunricher Technology, China

Light Energy Powered Zigbee Control Unit by Shenzhen Sunricher Technology — China

Behind the name Light Energy Powered Zigbee Control Unit is a series of intelligent keypads for coordinating smart home functions. The panels are powered by solar energy without wires, batteries or emissions. “The touchscreen and simple installation make it possible to organise an entire home via a small keypad – at the same time, the puristic accessory blends effortlessly into the living environment,” the jury stated.

Neva Decking by Kingfisher International Products Limited — United Kingdom

Neva Decking offers relatively easy installation: a sensible combination of decking boards, joists and clips creates an interlocking system that also facilitates maintenance and the replacement of defective planks. The impressed jury members described the Neva Decking system as “a product solution that has been meticulously well thought out, offers high practical value and also allows for sustainable deck design”.

Skytrip Intelligent Panoramic Window by Oezer Construction Technology, China

Skytrip Intelligent Panoramic Window by Oezer Construction Technology — China

The specially developed intelligent control system automatically closes the window in case of rain showers, triggers the roller shutter if there is strong sun, opens the window if the CO level is exceeded and sets off the alarm. “An outstanding look with the highest level of convenience,” was the jury’s verdict.

Zen Entrance System by Heymat AS and Kristine Five Melvær Design, Norway

Zen Entrance System by Heymat AS and Kristine Five Melvær Design — Norway

Zen Entrance System is a range of carpet tiles designed for larger, high-traffic communal areas, corridors or hallways. The material used is 100 per cent recycled PET plastic. “The tiles come in three colours and subtle patterns so they can be combined in countless ways, adding design to any interior project,” the jury said of its choice.

Canelé S, Canelé L, Dorique, FL11, WL10 by NMC S.A. NOËL & MARQUET and Bertrand Lejoly Design Studio — Belgium

Each panel can be lacquered and used individually or in combination with the others to create almost infinite arrangements. The jury praised the versatility and complementarity of the panels and profiles for interior design, as well as the ease of handling the lightweight 200 × 30 cm polyurethane panels. 

SuperOven Model 1S by Unox S.p.A., Italy

SuperOven Model 1S by Unox S.p.A. — Italy

The SuperOven Model 1S is a high-end built-in oven that integrates professional features such as vacuum cooking and smoking into an easy-to-use appliance. Thanks to sensors that constantly monitor the moisture content in the oven cavity, food is cooked evenly and up to three times faster than in a conventional oven. The SuperOven Model 1S combines impressive functionality with an appearance that conveys high quality through its striking stainless-steel front with clear geometry, said the jury.

Natur Wave by Construplas S.L.U., Acquabella

Natur Wave by Construplas S.L.U., Acquabella — Spain

A wavy ring pattern that spreads outwards from the strikingly designed water drain is the central feature of the Natur Wave shower tray. Natur Wave can be cut to any desired size and installed on the floor, flush or raised as desired. The jury was particularly impressed by the natural look, the flexible adaptability and the use of sustainable materials.

COMPAIR PRIME flow by Naber GmbH — Germany

COMPAIR PRIME flow is an innovative ventilation system for kitchen fume extractor that is particularly easy to install. The system can be flexibly installed in different room situations. This is made possible by a universal connector, the key element of the system, which allows all parts to be connected by simply plugging them together and aligning them thanks to the flex zone. COMPAIR PRIME flow appealed to the jury as a functionally sophisticated, adaptable and user-friendly ventilation solution.


HNF-I8240 by HYUNDAI HT — South Korea 

The wall-mounted HNF-I8240 smart home control center stands out due to its size of 24 inches.“The idea of using a wall panel as an explicitly decorative element in addition to smart home control is as original as it is obvious and puts the space originally used for technical purposes back into the hands of the user in terms of design,” the jury found.

TIVALI by Primy Corporation Limited — China

TIVALI is a kitchen unit that combines a dishwasher with a kitchen sink. The stainless steel housing has a high-quality appearance and gives the element the look of a professional kitchen. In addition, the black display surface accentuates the front very successfully, said the jury about their decision.

Autarq Solar Roof Tile by Autarq GmbH — Germany

Innovative technology transforms traditional roof tiles into solar roof tiles by connecting them to specially designed miniaturised solar modules and a wiring harness that allows easy installation without prior electrical knowledge, so the tiles can be installed in the usual way. The tiles allow maximum use of the roof area for energy generation and give the roof a discreetly elegant aesthetic, the judges said.