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The faucet is arguably the most frequently used item in a kitchen or a bath, so you need to choose one that will stand up to daily chores. With the proliferation of open-plan living, you also want a faucet that makes a bold statement in the kitchen or one that will give an invigorating shower in the bath.

Faucets do a lot more work than even construction professionals realize, so it’s a good idea not to cheap out on a low-quality product to save money. Fortunately, faucets in general are better today, so you should (should) get reliable performance from most of them.

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Zazzeri POP Colored bath faucets

Zazzeri Pop basin faucet.


“Leaky faucets could be a thing of the past with top-notch valves and tough finishes now common on all but the cheapest models,” Consumer Reports says. “Most faucets also have lifetime warranties (for the original buyer) that cover defects and even finishes.” In the publication’s estimate, there are few performance differences between brands.

But real-world conditions don't always go according to plan. Construction chat rooms are loaded with horror stories about faucet failures, so it still helps to choose products that will give you a good chance of reliable performance.

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JEE-O pure basin faucet high solo silo

Jee-O Pure basin high faucet.


To guard against potential issues, plumbers recommend you look for products that are made with solid brass and use ceramic disc cartridges. The metal connections must be seamless and buffed to a smooth finish, and the lever should move easily and effortlessly.

When it comes to finishes, the field is wide open. Manufacturers offer myriad options, from traditional chrome to brushed bronze, matte black, brushed bronze, polished stainless steel, and vintage nickel. For true performance, try PVD products.

Jee-O Soho Series shower pipe silo

Jee-O Soho Series showerpipe. 


“[Physical Vapor Deposition] uses a state-of-the-art process that molecularly bonds the finish to the faucet, creating a super-hard surface that is by far the most durable available today,” California Faucets says. “Products with a PVD finish will not corrode, discolor, or tarnish, even high-wear-and-tear items like handles or pop-up drains.”

We did some digging and found 14 cutting-edge kitchen and bath faucets with enough style to class up your homes.

Zucchetti Closer shower faucet matte black silo

Zucchetti Kos Closer showerhead. 

Hansgrohe Axor LampShower by Nendo Ceiling installation Chrome with Light

Hansgrohe Axor LampShower showerhead/light fixture.


Opinion Ciatti Acqua bath faucets red handles

Opinion Ciatti Acqua faucet. 


DXV by American Standard 3D printed

DXV by American Standard 3D-printed faucet.

Hansgrohe Axor Starck V glass see through faucet

Hansgrohe Axor Starck V.


Watermark Elan Vital Pot Filler with pot and pasta

Watermark Design Elan Vital.

THG Beaubourg widespread bath faucet silo

THG Beaubourg industrial-style faucet.

Pfister Kai kitchen faucet Matte Black silo

Pfister Faucets' Kai.


Kohler Karbon kitchen faucet silo

Kohler Karbon.


MGS boma kitchen faucet silo



California Faucets Culinary Corsano kitchen faucet

California Faucets' Culinary Corsano.