2006 NHQ Award: Business Results / Past Winners

These are the metrics used to score National Housing Quality award applicants. A list of winners dating back to 1993 is also included.
March 31, 2006

In scoring applicants for the National Housing Quality award, each of the first seven categories – leadership, strategic planning process, performance management, customer satisfaction, human resources, construction quality and trade relationships – represent an equal number of points. The final category – business results – accounts for 30 of the possible 100 points an applicant can score. The reason for the weighting is simple: quality management must be a tool to build a more profitable business.

The path to superior financial performance is as varied as the organizations listed on the facing page. While each of these organizations achieved honorable mention, silver or gold awards, none of them did it in the same way. What they all have in common is the metrics to measure their business performance on every front. Review the list below, Metrics That Matter, to begin your measuring your performance in business critical areas. Remember, what is measured can be improved.

Metrics That Matter


  • Employee evaluation forms/satisfaction survey
  • Communication effectiveness
  • 360 evaluations/reviews

Strategic Planning Process

  • Quarterly reviews
  • Monthly measurements
  • Weekly evaluations
  • SWOT analysis (Strengths, Opportunities and Threats)

Performance Management

  • Process improvement team actions/outcomes
  • Process improvements
  • Job cost cycle time
  • Contract signing to dig start cycle time
  • Framing to occupancy cycle time

Customer Satisfaction

  • Willingness to refer at time of closing
  • Willingness to refer after one year
  • Average number of days to complete a service order
  • Home buyer process satisfaction (sales, construction, orientation, design center, options/upgrades, mortgage/closing procedures)
  • Product quality: home buyer satisfaction with workmanship/installation, products/materials
  • Warranty cost per house (percentage and dollar amount)
  • Top three warranty cost line items
  • Annual product surveys
  • Realtor surveys

Human Resources

  • Employee turnover percentage
  • Average cost of employee training per year
  • Average training hours per employee per year
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employee development plans
  • Employee retention
  • Recruitment success rate

Construction Quality

  • New home orientation
  • Punch list sign-off
  • Service list sign-off
  • On-time closings
  • On budget performance (per home, per community)
  • Safety – number of accidents per 100 employees
  • Even-flow production – performance against plan

Trade Relationships

  • Job evaluation forms (measure job readiness)
  • Trade partner satisfaction surveys
  • Schedule variance analysis
  • Chargebacks

Business Results

  • Profit – gross and net
  • Return on equity
  • Debt to equity ratio
  • Sales – units and dollars
  • Revenue by product
  • Market share
  • Sales per employee
  • Profitability per employee
  • General and administrative expenses (percentage of revenue)
  • Land assets

Past NHQ Award Winners


Shea Homes San Diego - Gold

Veridian Homes - Gold

Ideal Homes - Gold

CP Morgan - Silver

Pringle Development Inc. - Silver

KB Home Nevada - Silver


Grayson Homes - Gold

Pulte Homes (National) - Gold

Ideal Homes - Silver

Estes Builders, LLC - Silver

Veridian Homes - Silver

Pringle Development, Inc. - HM


Grayson Homes - Silver

Boardwalk Builders - Silver

Schuck and Sons - Silver


History Maker Homes - Gold

Pulte Homes Minnesota - Silver

Fairmont Homes - Silver

Neumann Homes - Silver

ALL-tech - Silver

Tappe Construction - Silver

Grayson Homes - HM


Don Simon Homes - Gold

Shea Homes Colorado - Gold


Palm Harbor Homes, Florida Division - Gold

Simonini Builders - Gold

Don Simon Homes - Silver

Winans Construction Inc -. Gold

Stebnitz Builders - Silver

Cupertino Kitchens - HM


Shea Homes Arizona - Gold

Sunrise Colony Companies - Silver

The Green Companies - Silver

Traditional Concepts Inc. - Gold

Legacy Custom Builders Inc. - Gold

Deck America Inc. - Gold

Lasley Construction Inc. - Silver

Bell's Remodeling - HM


Neumann Homes - Gold

The Estridge Co. - Gold

T.W. Lewis - Silver

Fairway Construction - Gold

Remodeling Designs Inc. - Gold

Kendale Inc. - Gold


K.Hovnanian Enterprises - Gold

Kennedy Community Development LP - Gold

U.S. Home Corp. Houston - Silver

Coventry C onstruction Inc. - Gold

Eren Design & Construction - Gold

Asdal Builders LLC - Silver

Fairway Construction -  Silver

Mitchell, Best & Goldsborough Inc. - Silver


Mercedes Homes Inc. - Gold

Rayco - Gold

Shea Homes San Diego - Gold

Triple Crown Corp. - Gold

Neil Kelly Co. - LRD

J.J. Swartz Co. - LRD

Criner Construction - SRD

Kleinco Construction Services - LRD

Crown Construction - HM


Doyle Wilson Homebuilder Inc. - Gold

John Wieland Homes Inc. - Gold

Oakwood Homes - Gold

Pulte Homes Illinois - Gold

Toll Brothers - Gold


The Drees Co. - Gold

Kennedy Home Builders - Gold

Village Builders -  Gold


Cannon Development - Gold

Carmichael & Dame Builders - Gold

Fieldstone Communities Inc. - Gold

Town & Country Homes - Gold

David Weekley Homes - Gold

Winchester Homes - Gold

HM: Honorable Mention

LRD: Large Remodeler Division

SRD: Small Remodeler Division


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