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The NHQ Award is modeled after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and represents the housing industry’s highest recognition for achievements in total quality management.

The program is also more than just an award. Builders use the NHQ Award as a process for improving their businesses. Each applicant receives a detailed written report. Used year in and year out as a guide for improvement, the NHQ Award provides objective benchmarking on quality improvement.
The NHQ awards are open to all U.S. residential construction companies. Submissions are due April 5, 2013.
When applying for the NHQ Award you do not compete against the other applicants. You measure your company against the award criteria. Multiple gold, silver, and bronze can be awarded each year.
Winners are recognized in four categories:
GOLD – Awarded to companies that have attained a national benchmark level within each area of evaluation. Gold award winners have mature, fully integrated quality management principles and consistently demonstrate high-level, sustained financial results.
SILVER – Awarded to companies that are industry leaders in most evaluation areas. Silver award winners have many refined business practices—including key measures for continual improvement—and they exhibit good financial results.
BRONZE – Awarded to companies that have a sound systematic approach that is responsive to the award benchmarks in many areas. Bronze award winners employ fact-based improvement processes with no major gaps and above average performance in most areas. They are close to the silver award mark.
Honorable Mention – In special situations companies are recognized that demonstrate an understanding of quality management principles and show a sound, fact-based improvement process. Key measures are in place and good financial results are achieved in most areas.
Preparing the NHQ Award application is an important step in every applicant’s quality journey.
A panel of highly qualified experts, made up of previous winners and quality management experts, evaluates all the applications and selects finalists who demonstrate high levels of quality achievement. Examiners might request additional information during the selection process, including lists of customers for an independent satisfaction survey, company references or other information related to the evaluation criteria.
Finally, NHQ Award examiners visit the finalists to review and validate their application.
If you win an NHQ Award, you will be encouraged to publicize and advertise your winning status. It will have been hard earned and well deserved; it will cement your reputation with customers and peers as a top-quality builder, remodeler, or trade contractor, and it will distinguish you from your competitors, giving you the business edge you desire as it raises your company’s reputation as an industry leader.
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