2015 Was A Good Year For Homebuilding, But Nowhere Near The Best

February 5, 2016

North Texas had a very good 2015 when it came to the property market. Just about everything was ahead of where it was before the Great Recession, Dallas News reports. That is, everything except homebuilding.

That’s not to say homebuilding had a bad 2015 in North Texas. Just under 28,000 homes were started in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for all of 2015. That is double the number of home starts during 2009, the worst year of the economic downturn.

However, it’s still about 40 percent below the 50,000 home starts in 2005; a number industry analysts believe is going to stand as a one-year building record for a while. In fact, 40,000 might be a more realistic number, and even that will take awhile to get to.

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