2019 Kicking These 8 Interior Trends to the Curb

December 6, 2018
House interior with mirrors
Photo: Unsplash/Micheile Henderson

Interior design and décor experts are weighing in on 8 trends that are falling out of fashion as the new year approaches, including gallery walls, industrial kitchens, and gray tones.

One surprising home element that is on the way out is the kitchen island. What once was the "ultimate #kitchengoal," may now be replaced by kitchen tables or modular storage. Associate with TTR Sotheby’s International Realty in Washington, D.C. Diana Blaskiewicz tells Realtor.com that her clients just aren't into islands anymore. “They’re bulky and often don’t provide adequate storage space; plus, they’re very easy to bump into in the middle of the night,” she says.

Your home's got style—and boy, did you work to achieve it. You followed design blogs, pored over Pinterest boards, and chose accent pieces and colors to add just the right note. That is, you did five years ago. Or 10. But guess what? Style isn’t static, and your home decor shouldn’t be, either. Even the most beloved design elements can start to feel unbearably stale after a while. “Some design trends come and go with dizzying speed," says New York City designer Ellen O'Neill. "Others seem to just hang around long past their sell-by date."

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