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Products in this category run the gamut, from electronic cabinet locks to dryer vents and PEX plumbing systems. (Photo: courtesy Uponor)

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PEX Plumbing System / Uponor

Uponor’s PEX plumbing system (shown, above) is a crosslinked polyethylene pipe that is flexible, durable, and simple to install. A home-run system with no connections or fittings behind the wall, the tubing will not pit, scale, or corrode, the company says. And, unlike copper plumbing systems, PEX resists corrosion and retains more heat in hot-water lines. It also expands up to three times its diameter to help resist freeze damage.

Electronic Security / Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy’s HES K20 and KP20 Stand-Alone Cabinet Locks (shown, above) use AAA batteries to provide low-cost electronic access control for cabinets that require protection of contents such as pharmaceuticals, documents, and electronics. The maker says locks are cost-effective and ideal for low- to medium-security applications with 150 pounds of holding force.

2019 top 100 products-mechanical-Assa Abloy-HES K20 and KP20 cabinet locks

Structured Cabling / ICC

ICC offers a variety of struct­ured wiring and cabling prod­ucts that range in size from 8-inch to 28-inch wiring enclosures with combination voice, data, and video. The company has lowered prices by 20% to 40% for members of its Elite Installer program.

2019 top 100 products-mechanical-ICC-structured cabling

DryerJack / In-O-Vate Technologies

In-O-Vate Technologies’ DryerJack roof vent helps to create shorter duct runs by venting the clothes dryer straight through the roof. Engineered specifically for clothes dryers, the DryerJack improves drying efficiency and reduces lint buildup, is easy to clean, protects against pests, and meets or exceeds all code requirements, the company says.

2019 top 100 products-mechanical-In-O-Vate Technologies-DryerJack

Outdoor Speakers / Intelligent Audio Products

PlanterSpeakers from Intelligent Audio Products are audio speakers “sealed to the weather” in sustainable teak, reclaimed wood, Azek, or industrial-grade polymer resin enclosures. The North Dakota (shown) features a three-way speaker housed in North American cedar wood, with an impedance rating of 8 ohms. The recommended amplifier is 150 to 250 watts.

2019 top 100 products-mechanical-Intelligent Audio Products-PlanterSpeakers

Electrical Solutions / Eaton

Eaton’s list of innovative residential products includes its Plug-on Neutral platform, which eliminates pigtail connections and saves time and labor; Type-C USB outlets that offer fast, efficient charging of Type-C electronic devices; and Z-Wave Plus wireless smart lighting controls that have a programmable delayed off mode of up to 4 minutes.

2019 top 100 products-mechanical-Eaton

Tankless Water Heater / Noritz

Specifically engineered for the North American market, Noritz’s EZ Series tankless water heater is designed to cut installation time and cost when replacing conventional storage tank units. Offering an energy factor of 0.97, the water heater features top-mounted connections, a stainless steel heat exchanger, and Wi-Fi capability.

2019 top 100 products-mechanical-Noritz-EZ Series tankless water heaters

Design Software / SoftPlan

SoftPlan software automates home design and lets users create construction documents faster and more accurately than by hand, the company says. Smart objects echo real-world equivalents, so when a window is drawn on the plan, the shutters, trim, header, and jack studs are automatically added and the rough opening is framed with the correct dimensions.

2019 top 100 products-mechanical-SoftPlan-software

Dryer Vent / In-O-Vate Technologies

Powder-coated in a choice of three colors, the 26-gauge steel Dryer Wall Vent won’t fade or crack from sun exposure like plastic units do, the company says. The vents feature a low-profile design that blends into a home’s exterior. A lighter weight 30-gauge damper delivers full airflow, and balanced magnets protect against animal entry and negative air pressure flapping.

2019 top 100 products-mechanical-In-O-Vate Technologies-Dryer Wall Vent

Tankless Water Heater / Rinnai

The Sensei tankless water heater from Rinnai offers a better experience for both users and installers, with such features as simple installation, serviceability, efficient performance, and flexible venting options. It has a corrosion-resistant stainless steel heat exchanger, integrated check valve, and an entirely electric ignition that avoids the constantly wasted energy of a standing pilot light. A Wi-Fi module allows for remote monitoring and management.

2019 top 100 products-mechanical-Rinnai-Sensei tankless water heater

PEX Plumbing / Reliance Worldwide

The SharkBite EvoPex plumbing system from Reliance Worldwide is an evolutionary push-to-fit plumbing system for new construction, allowing installers to plumb an entire potable water solution without special tools, while reducing installation errors. No soldering, crimping, or glue is required, resulting in cleaner installations and fewer potential leak points. The system includes fittings, PEX pipe, outlet boxes, valves, and other accessories for a complete install.

2019 top 100 products-mechanical-Reliance Worldwide-SharkBite EvoPex

Transition Duct / In-O-Vate Technologies

The Dryerbox transition duct model 480 by In-O-Vate Technologies has a larger receiving area to safely collect clothes-dryer exhaust at either floor level or higher up on a pedestal. The product accommodates stand-alone or pedestal dryers and has a uniform corner design that allows for venting the recessed connection up or down. Made from 22-gauge aluminized steel, the model 480 measures 23 ½ inches by 17 3/8 inches.

2019 top 100 products-mechanical-In-O-Vate Technologies-Dryerbox