25 Comfortable And Inexpensive Places For Retirees

February 7, 2017

Research from SmartAsset confirms common knowledge: Many of the best cities for a comfortable retirement are in California and Florida.

The site named 25 cities that best balance housing costs, tax rates, and healthcare accessibility, with crime rates, older population percentage, and, yes, days of warm weather per year factored in as well.

Six of the cities are in Florida, including top-ranked Pembroke Pines, and 10 are in California.

Chula Vista, Calif., is one of the best cities for relaxing activities. It has top 25 scores in museums and historical sites per 100,000 residents and personal care establishments per 100,000 residents. … It also has a top 25 score in medical care establishments per resident. There are 345 medical care establishments per 10,000 residents.

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