3 Home Features Buyers Will Go Over Budget For

July 1, 2020
Home office with bookshelves spanning the wall
By Ursula Page

Homebuyers are willing to invest more money in homes that fit their every need, according to Forbes. Whether that be a home with trending amenities like an office or a sprawling outdoor space, Lombardo Homes discovered that buyers will go $25,000 over budget to ensure they find their perfect home. The survey also identified three top priorities for buyers: layout, storage, and outdoor living space. Features like smart home technology and stainless steel appliances ranked the lowest, with only 18% and 13% of buyers naming those as an important factor. Read more to see what are dealbreakers and where buyers are willing to compromise. 

In the coronavirus era, much has changed in the real estate market. For one thing, home buyers seem much more willing to invest in a home that will simultaneously be their living space, their work space, and their relaxation space for the foreseeable future.

In fact, a recent survey by Lombardo Homes found that home buyers are willing to go $25,000 over budget for the home that they felt was their perfect match. Here’s more about what they are looking for when they’re in the market for a home.

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