3 Ways to Prepare for the Silver Tsunami at IBS

January 16, 2020
Happy senior couple
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The International Builders’ Show (IBS) is almost here! A treasure trove of knowledge, the show gathers the brightest minds and most experienced professionals together to learn the latest trends in the building and remodeling industries. One hot topic on this year’s docket: How do we build for an older population? Attend these educational courses on how to incorporate smart technology and accessible design in order to prepare for the Silver Tsunami of Boomers hitting their golden years. 

As baby boomers — the most lucrative generation — continue to reach retirement age, interest in universal design and aging-in-place continues to grow. The 2020 International Builders’ Show (IBS) offers ample opportunities to not only learn more about each concept, but also the distinction between the two. Attendees at this year’s show can select from a variety of sessions to get a better understanding of what these design concepts entail.

Education Courses

Those looking to get an in-depth overview of what universal design and aging-in-place entail, and what to expect in the coming years in each of these concepts, can look to pre-show and IBS Education courses for more information:


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