5 Expert Tips on Filming Effective Property Tours

July 16, 2020
Woman taking a photo of house with cell phone
By Kev95

A video home tour can either make or break a listing, especially now when so many potential buyers and renters have no other option. Rodolfo Delgado, co-founder and CEO of a mobile-based platform to find rentals through unedited videos, offers tips on creating the most impactful real estate tours. In order to not waste a client’s time, make sure videos are unedited and truly represent the property, Delgado writes. With experience of helping over 100,000 people find homes through his platform, the CEO noticed tours with slower paces get the most interest. Read more to find out the best time to start your video, preparing the property, and reengaging clients. 

As the CEO of a real estate technology company focused on video listings, I've seen virtual tours that are so beautiful they make me want to buy that property. I've also seen some video tours that are so bad they end up looking like a scene out of a scary movie. How can you create video tours that generate interest from multiple clients who are the right fit for a property? Here are some suggestions to generate more higher-quality leads.

1. Unedited videos take first place.

Clients often get angry when they visit an advertised property and find a discrepancy between what's advertised and what's really there, lowering the property representative's chance to close the deal.

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