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A majority of American homeowners have picked up a new “appreciation” for cooking since the pandemic’s start—over 50% are trying five or more new recipes a month, according to a new consumer study from Bosch. The result is a “realized … need for better cooking appliances.” 

The report reads, “with this additional experimentation comes a desire for appliances that cater to cooking preferences and simplify achieving restaurant-quality results at home.” Half of the 2,000 people surveyed on behalf of Bosch by market research firm OnePoll agreed that with “quality cooking appliances” comes the confidence to prepare new dishes and an overall improved ability to cook. 

Homeowners are so certain of their newfound, or perhaps reinvigorated appreciation for cooking that upwards of 60% have or intend to purchase an upgraded appliance as a direct result, reads the study. 

Said Cara Acker, senior brand manager for Bosch, “the survey results indicate that this joy for cooking yields a greater demand for quality appliances that can keep up with consumers’ cooking needs.”

To that end, we’ve identified nine appliances with performance and features that aim to improve the user’s ability as a food handler and cook. 

Kitchen Hub by GE 

While GE's Kitchen Hub has the appearance of a 27-inch touchscreen, it's actually a 27-inch touchscreen combination ventilation hood that includes the ability to voice chat and stream video; includes a built-in Google Assistant, which means voice control; serves as a hub through which a homeowner may connect their owner smart home devices; and includes access to over 5,000 recipes for easy following while cooking. 

Bosch’s Induction Ranges 

Bosch's induction ranges include, of course, all the advantages of induction cooking—precise temperature control, faster heating, easy cleaning, and a "sleek" design, according to the appliance manufacturer—but also a number of unique benefits. The company's SpeedBost feature is one such benefit, which Bosch claims allows a user to boil water faster or more quickly prepare a pan for searing. AutoChef is a setting available on Bosch's induction cooktops design to automatically regulate cooking temperature, which includes making adjustments. There are additional features like the count-up kitchen timer and the ability to combine separate cooking zones into larger single zones that specifically aim to make the user a better cook, while a simple control panel and residual heat indicators are there to improve ease of use and safety. 

Vario Downdraft Ventilation 400 Series by Gaggenau

While Gaggenau's Vario downdraft ventilation 400 series makes no promises of improving a homeowner's ability to cook, it does claim to be "a quiet and unobtrusive appliance which effectively protects the kitchen and surrounding living spaces from offending odour and vapour," according to the website—which may be especially good news for homeowners that are more cook fledglings than chefs. The ventilation system features a dual grease filter that "ensures the perfect catch of grease and particles" as well as automatic power adjustment that responds to air quality sensors measuring odour and vapor. The website explains that "the automatic function effortlessly removes the distraction of having to monitor the air quality whilst operating as silently as possible, so the private chef can concentrate on creating exceptional cuisine."

LG’s InstaView Electric Range 

LG's line of InstaView ranges is an affordable option for homeowners balancing a budget against propensity for cooking. The product offers easy cleaning, significant cooking space—an internal survey claims the appliance has the largest oven capacity in its class—and a built-in air fryer. InstaView ranges are also WiFi enabled, allowing users to control a number of key features while also gaining quick access to literally 1000s of recipes. 

The Monolith Bottom Freezer Refrigerator by Liebherr

Liebherr's soon to be available Monolith Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is loaded with features to not only help homeowners keep food fresher for longer, but do it with less work. The appliance includes FrostSafe freezer drawers, for instance, that the company claims will help protect foods from freezerburn; and has a unique shelf design for its fridge door that allows for a more even flow of cold air. The interior of the appliance is designed for easy organization, including a FlexSystem for easily sorting and separating food items and individual lighting for each of the interior storage drawers, called BioFresh drawers—which are designed to make food last longer. The Monolith fridge is also WiFi enabled, which gives users the ability to control certain features from a mobile device.