5 Ways to Virtually Show Your Home in Today's Market

April 15, 2020
Realtor Holding Up Key
By Studio Romantic

Like happy hours, family gatherings, and conference calls, open houses are back ononline, at least. Many realtors and builders cannot show their houses in-person due to the coronavirus, but 3D modeling, virtual staging, and live streams are coming to the housing industry’s aid. Once just a cool extra feature to help a home stand out, now these digital tools can make or break a sale as they could be the only touchpoint a buyer has before a final walkthrough, if they are even able to do that. Find out tools that can help you sell your homes in a time where buyer traffic is way down. 

For home sellers in the era of the novel coronavirus, showing off your home to potential buyers may seem like an impossible task. As people practice social distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19, most open houses are on hold, and in-person home showings are limited across the country.

But there are still ways to reach potential buyers and show your home in the best light—through virtual tours.

In the third part of our series, “Home Selling in the Age of the Coronavirus,” we highlight all the ways home sellers can give buyers an in-depth look at their property without actually opening their doors and risking the buyers' health (or their own).

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