5G Expected to Give a Boost to Construction Technology

By Peter Fabris, Contributing Editor | August 19, 2019
Photo: Unsplash/Benjaminrobyn Jespersen

Fifth-generation cellular technology (5G) will enable enhanced data flows and faster response times which will boost technologies used by the construction industry, according to research firm GlobalData.
Design and construction firms will have access to more robust systems that employ virtual reality, Internet of Things, robotics, and drones. “In addition to the striking speed, which enables data transmission between two end systems almost instantly, 5G’s ability to connect thousands of such devices at once with lower latency, higher reliability and lesser battery consumption lays a strong foundation for the effective adoption of emerging technologies,” said Archi Dasgupta, director of disruptive tech, GlobalData, in a news release.
Elevated bandwidth will enable drones to shoot live 4K or 360-degree videos that will revolutionize the way people watch videos. IoT applications will be more reliable, with lower latency and reliability—traits that are critical for daily operations and improved safety.
Enhanced data transmission will make virtual reality more effective, but 5G adoptions will increase gradually in this space and mainstream adoption will take at least several years.

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