6 Products That Can Transform a Neglected Garage into a Modern Delight

January 20, 2020
Modern Garage
Modern garage interior. 3d illustration By vipman4 - Adobe Stock

With overflowing boxes of decorations and sports equipment of children long grown, garages can become the physical manifestation of our chaotic lives. But with help, they can be more than just a dingy, anxiety-provoking storage units. And since many use their garage everyday, it makes sense to treat the room to the makeover it deserves. When intentionally designed with space-saving products, garages can become a delightful part of your everyday life. From a laser that helps you park to a hydraulic lift, here are six products that can elevate your home's garage experience. 

The garage used to be the most neglected part of the home, typically serving as storage for vehicles, holiday decorations, and buyer’s remorse purchases. But more and more, people are recognizing that a well-appointed garage can help you stay organized and increase your property's resale value.

So what does a fully equipped garage look like? It depends on what you keep in there; but for most people, that means smart storage solutions and ample space for your car. But you can go even further if you want to take the efficiency of your garage to the next level. That means bringing in additional gadgets and amenities that will help modernize your garage beyond recognition.

If you’re thinking about revamping your garage in the new year, here are the expert-approved items you should consider—and most are less than $120!

If you have a tight garage, it might be wise to rely on technology to help you park it right. A laser parking guide ($39.95, Maxsa Innovations) can prevent those scrapes, dents, and dings caused by misjudging how much space you have. And the best part is, you don’t even need wiring. You can use either double-sided tape or screws to mount the unit to your ceiling.

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