6 Tricks To Help Add A Little Oomph To Your Neutral Kitchen

June 10, 2016

A neutral kitchen may look brighter and cleaner, but it can also appear quite boring. But despite what you may think, you don’t need to choose between a light, clean kitchen and a bold, exciting kitchen; it’s possible to have both.

For example, as Redfin reports, a neutral kitchen doesn’t need to be a completely white kitchen. Varying the neutrals is a great way to maintain neutrality while also becoming more aesthetically interesting. Different hues of white and gray can do a lot to wake up a kitchen.

Another strategy is to add a little bit of black for contrast. Some people may think adding black to a neutral white kitchen may end up making it look odd, but if done correctly it can provide just the right amount of contrast to create a classic style. Black can work to break up the monotony created by an all white kitchen and help the eye rest.

Similarly, gold and brass accents do not distract from the neutrality of a kitchen, but actually accentuate it. Things like cabinet hardware, light fixtures, and vent hoods all lend themselves perfectly to these types of accents.

Adding wood to reduce the sterile look of an all white kitchen, placing a strong focus on cabinet details, and playing around with the floor pattern are other good ways to spice up an otherwise neutral kitchen.

For the full list of tricks to make the most out of a neutral kitchen, click the link below.

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