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Houzz’s recent Bathroom Trends Study indicates that homeowners are increasingly interested in smart toilets for their master bathroom renovations, and manufacturers are paying attention.

“Technology is ingrained in our everyday,” says Katty Pien, chief marketing officer of LIXIL Americas, parent company of the American Standard brand, which sells smart toilets with self-cleaning capabilities and bidets. “Now more than ever, consumers look for smart products to enhance their daily lives, even in the bathroom space.”


Thirty-four percent of toilets installed in a renovation are high-tech, up 6 percent from last year, according to the Houzz survey. Self-cleaning toilets and bidets are the top tech features in demand, but consumers are also investing in smart toilets with heated seats, overflow protection, and built-in nightlights.


Kohler, which currently offers three smart toilet options, says its sales figures back up the survey findings. “Intelligent toilets and cleansing seat category is growing ten times faster than Kohler’s standard toilet category,” says Andrew Van Gorden, product manager at Kohler.

We found 7 smart toilets that can help you keep up with the trend and satisfy homeowner demand:


1. Woodbridge Bath B0950S

Woodbridge Smart toilet with bidet dual flush

The B0950S is more affordable than other options, but it still has a variety of smart toilet features. With an adjustable bidet, users can control the position, water temperature, and water pressure to get a customized clean with three settings: feminine, posterior, and pulsating wash. Users chose their desired setting with a wireless remote. The toilet also features a soft-close, heated seat, a dryer system, and a water filtration system for the bidet water. To optimize sanitation, a hands-free automatic flush drains the toilet bowl at 1.28 gallons per flush. An ionized carbon-filter cleans the air to eliminate odors.


2. American Standard SpaLet Advanced Clean 100

American Standard Advanced Clean Spalet 100 hightech toilet Bidet Heated Seat

The SpaLet Advanced Clean 100 is the newest model in American Standard’s bidet collection. Features include no-touch auto flush, blue-light deodorizing technology, a temperature-adjustable heated seat, and an automated open/close lid system for hands-free use. To ensure comfort, the smart toilet includes an instant heat system that warms the bidet water and a heated air dryer that aims to reduce toilet paper use. With an adjustable nozzle, users can find the position and spray strength that fits their own comfort. The manual dual flush allows users to choose the power needed for each use, saving water. To top it off, a soft blue nightlight incorporated into the toilet bowl guides users at night.


3. Dyconn Faucet Niara

Dyconn Smart Toilet With Bidet

To give users more flexibility, the design of this tankless smart toilet from Dyconn includes both hands-free radar sensors and a manual kick button to open, close, and flush the unit. The heated seat is coated in stain-resistant glaze and has antimicrobial properties. With a wireless remote, users can adjust the water temperature, pressure and position of the bidet, which has front and rear cleansing capabilities. For increased sanitation, Dyconn designed the stainless steel bidet to be self-cleaning. After someone uses the included dryer and walks away, the toilet automatically flushes and its lid shuts automatically on a soft close. The high-pressure flush reduces the amount of water needed in one flush, the company says, and the built-in air purifier removes odor. It comes with a nightlight.


4. Icera Muse I-Wash

Iccera iWash CS 20 Smart Toilet with Bidet Heated Seat

The Muse I-Wash “combines cleanliness, comfort and cutting-edge engineering,” Icera says. To enhance the bathroom experience, users are able to adjust the heated seat and dryer temperatures as well as choose the position for the antimicrobial bidet. Its tankless water system instantly heats water. After its automated, rimless flush is activated, the Muse I-Wash uses double-jets to keep the bowl clean. The high efficiency toilet uses 1.28 gallons per flush, and each smart toilet order includes a wireless remote and wall mount. One unique feature is its pre-mist that activates when someone sits on the seat, cleaning the bowl even before use. The model includes an LED nightlight and a deodorizer.


5. Kohler Numi

Numi Kohler hightech toilet with Bidet Heated Seat

Numi’s rectangular shape and chair-height is a departure from the traditional toilet, and its newest color, black, reads different from familiar white porcelain. “It’s a natural fit for bathroom spaces that lean towards the gray, titanium, slate and charcoal aesthetic, as well as for the ultra-clean, ultra-white bathroom space,” says Richard Kong, Kohler vice president of Industrial Design for Kitchen and Bath Americas. Like the other options, the self-deodorizing smart toilet has touch-free sensors to open the lid, close it, and flush. The Numi is heavy on the tech with a wireless, touchscreen remote in 12 languages, a heated seat and foot warmer, and a Bluetooth speaker integrated into its design. With eight color options and three settings for its ambient lighting, Numi offers a self-cleaning bidet that allows users to customize the water temperature, bidet position, and strength of the flow. Up to six family members can save their personal preferences, which they can recall with the remote. In case of emergency, Numi has an energy-saving mode and an emergency flush system that can provide up to 100 flushes without power.


6. Toto Neorest NX2

Neorest NX Intelligent Toilet smart toilet with bidet heated seat

The Neorest NX2’s “sophisticated elliptical silhouette is inspired by the simple, organic beauty of an earthen vase hand thrown by a craftsman on a pottery wheel,” the company says. Using sanitizing ultraviolet light, the toilet protects against bacteria and waste particles, while its glaze creates a smooth surface that the company says makes cleaning easier. Its heated seat can be opened or closed by a sensor or by the wireless remote, which also controls the bidet’s temperature and pressure settings. To keep the bowl clean, the unit has a water-efficient flushing system that creates a “centrifugal, cyclonic rinsing action, which reduces waste buildup,” according to the product’s description. Each flush uses 1 gallon of water. Other features include a built-in deodorizer, nightlight, and an electrolyzed water technology that cleans the bidet brush and bowl.


7. Duravit SensoWash i Plus

Duravit SensoWash i Smart Toilet with Bidet, heated seat

The SensoWash i Plus, designed by Phillip Starck, is “visually minimal and technologically innovative,” according to the company. The toilet includes a touchless, automatic lid with an antimicrobial glaze and a heated seat that turns off automatically after 48 hours without use. While users can use the wireless remote included with the toilet, one of SensoWash i Plus ’ hallmark features is its app-integrated control system. With the app, users can also flush the toilet, control the deodorizer and LED nightlight, and set the toilet to seven different energy saving modes. The smart toilet features a stainless steel bidet, which is cleaned before and after each use. For a customized experience, users can choose the water temperature, bidet position, jet strength, and air dryer temperature and then save them in user profiles. Its rimless, rotating flushing system enables the toilet to use as little as .82 gallons per flush.