7 Ways Real Estate Experts Predict Homes Changing Amid Virus

June 29, 2020
Home with large backyard
By Iriana Shiyan

The pandemic has changed what homebuyers’ priorities are when it comes to their current and future homes. Not only have homes become offices and gyms, but with the lessening restrictions, backyards and patios have also substituted for trails and playgrounds. Livability gathered ways real estate pros have noticed homebuyer desires shifting. The changes are focused on additional space, tech, extended family, and more. Read the seven ways real estate experts see the pandemic affecting homes below. 

Our homes, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, have become so much more than just living spaces. They’re makeshift offices, gyms and classrooms. They’ve hosted at-home happy hours and made room for new hobbies. And, after spending the past few months sheltering in place — interacting with our spaces in entirely new ways — we’ve redefined what being “at home” ultimately means. Ahead, real estate experts share how COVID-19 is changing what homebuyers care most about, and predict how home design will adapt to this new normal.

1. Bigger Lot Sizes
Today’s homebuyers are looking for bigger lot sizes, even if prioritizing the space and acreage pushes them further away from a city center, says Alan Paul, a real estate agent with Re/Max Associates in Pueblo, CO. Because so many buyers are working from home, and plan to do so post COVID-19, they no longer care as much about commute times, Paul says. As a result, they’re moving out towards the edge of town, and homes in the country are piquing their interest more. “People want a lot more space,” he says. 

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