9 Clever Systems for Installing Decks With a Hidden-Fastener Look

August 23, 2019
deckorators seamless deck
Photo: Deckorators

A well-designed deck is still one of the most popular outdoor amenities among homeowners, and one of the hottest ways to install one is with a hidden-fastener look. These 9 systems from PRODUCTS will make your next deck project look seamless.

Traditionally, installers attached deck boards with face-nail screws: This was (and in some case, still is) the standard method of construction. The method is perfectly fine for a quality, but unless the installer is careful, the aesthetics can be uneven. The fasteners need to be spaced jut right, and they must driven at a consistent depth every time.

For a growing crop of demanding clients and homebuyers, an inconsistent look will not do.

“This is because, beyond the basic utilitarian concerns, most of my clients want their decks to make an architectural statement,” deck builder Tom O writes on the Fortress Deck blog. “If you are interested in a smooth and seamless deck, one of the best ways of achieving it is with hidden fasteners,” he adds.

Hidden deck fasteners come in various forms, but the goal is still the same: to make sure the screws or nails invisible (or at least difficult to see) with the naked eye. In some case, installers may face-nail with an 8-penny finish nail and use a nail set to sink the fastener. This method gets the job done.

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