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Acoustic bi-fold door

The QuietSwing QuietFold Bi-Parting Door from Noise Barriers is filled with non-combustible, sound absorbing fiberglass or mineral wool that reduces outside noise, and its 2-1/2” thick door leaf comes equipped with with two cam-type lifting hinges and a double set of magnetic seals for a secure fit.

The QuietFold Bi-Parting Door is manufactured by noise control door specialists and is completely factory assembled including the installation of both sets of magnetic seals, all hardware, and optional glazing. Noise Barriers’ acoustic bi-fold door is ideal for soundproofing recording studios, music practice rooms, home offices, stage and rehearsal areas, and more.

QuietSwing bi-fold door

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Rubber floor underlay

Based out of Lebanon, PA, Regupol Acoustics manufactures soundproof vibration underlays made from recycled rubber. Regupol's sonus core impact sound insulation is available in two standard thicknesses of 3 mm and 5 mm and can be used as an acoustic underlay for ceramic tiles or timber floors.

Apart from its soundproofing capabilities, the sonus core range is also produced from recycled rubber granules and other recycled elastomers, making it a lightweight, eco-friendly choice for homeowners.

REGUPOL sonus core underlay

Acoustic art collection

Loom is the second design in Spacekit Artist Series and was designed by Andi Blady, Spacekit/ATOMIC production designer, to offer homeowners a stylish solution for soundproofing residential interiors. The panel system minimizes echoes and removes unwanted acoustics, earning a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) Rating of 0.40. 

Each individual panel is available in a compact 19.7” x 19.7” size, and homeowners can customize the Spacekit Acoustic Art collection with a range of design options.

Atomic acoustic panel

Ecobatt insulation

Knauf’s EcoBatt Insulation is a thermal and acoustical fiberglass batt insulation ideal for floors, walls, ceilings, and attics. Ecobatt insulation is available in a thickness of 2.5" - 13.75", a 11" - 24" width, and R-8 - R-49 R-values. 

Knauf’s latest insulation product has a high NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) value and a low STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating for optimal sound absorption, and Ecobatt is also asthma & allergy friendly certified with low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for improved indoor air quality, the company says.

Knauf Ecobatt insulation

Acoustic foam composite

The Quiet Barrier Class A Specialty Composite from Chambersburg, PA-based Soundproof Cow is a four-layer soundproofing composite that reduces noise transfer from structural and airborne sources. 

The composite underlay has a four-layer construction made with a fiber-reinforced Mylar facing that blocks high-frequency sound and resists heat as well as several Class A acoustic foam panels that absorb low, mid, and high frequencies and suspend the barrier layer away from the mounting surface. 

The Quiet Barrier Class A Specialty Composite is engineered to eliminate noise problems that require heat resistance such as HVAC cabinets, computer server rooms, equipment enclosures, and more.

Quiet Barrier acoustic foam composite