Affordable, Walkable Neighborhoods With Good Schools Are Few And Far Between In U.S.

January 28, 2016

A small-town American lifestyle appeals to many families in the U.S. Think Andy Griffith and Mayberry or Kevin Arnold’s hometown in The Wonder Years. Places filled with girls-next-door and sheriffs that only carry one bullet, which resides firmly in their breast pocket. Towns where anywhere you could possibly need to go is within walking distance.

But, as the Associated Press reports, towns like these are bigger myths than they might first appear. Across the country, only 14 percent of neighborhoods manage to be affordably priced, walkable, and near good schools. And a large portion of that 14 percent is found in just two cities: Washington D.C. and Seattle.

Good schools have always been a long sought after feature when it comes to buying a home. But with nearly 33 percent of millennials choosing to commute to work or school by foot, the walkability of a neighborhood is of rising importance.

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