An Amenities Race Heats Up for Ultra Luxury

September 3, 2019
Photo by Zoe Holling on Unsplash

Developers misread the demand for ultraluxury condominiums and apartments and overbuilt. Consequently some markets have a glut of high end, high-rise residences, so they’re trying to attract buyers for these multimillion dollar spaces by tossing in add-ons as basic as parking and as lavish as a residents-only restaurant with a view on the 50th floor. Not to be outdone, a New York condo has a space on the 54th floor where residents can take their own chef.

Smart technology offers convenience at the touch of a finger, from smart lockers to apps for controlling speakers and lighting. Concierges and spas abound: for you, your car, your pet. But it’s hard to beat literally the coolest option: cryotherapy, which immerses the body parts that ail you in freezing air.

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