The American Dream Home

June 28, 2018
Young men in natty clothes
Photo: Unsplash/Mariya Georgieva

When younger Americans envision their dream homes, they see 2,195 square feet on a big new lot, with a big family room, according to a new survey commissioned by Northshore Fireplace in Evanston, Ill.

Interestingly, 60 percent of Millennials plan to become a homeowner within the next five years, and 64 percent believe they will have their dream home within their lifetime, reports Adds the report, "Twenty percent say they get anxiety just thinking about owning a home. Millennials came of age during the recession of 2008, and found an employment scarcity when they graduated college. Growing up with financial instability as the norm has an effect on future purchases, such as a 30-year mortgage."

According to ArchDaily, their survey company, Digital Third Coast contacted 2000 current or prospective homeowners with "a list of multiple choice questions, as well as open response questions to come up with an in-depth analysis of the 'American Dream Home of 2018.' The survey was done via the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform and included people from all across the country and different age groups." There do not appear to be any questions about green building ...

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