Americans Are Heading To Sunnier Regions

April 1, 2016

The Sun Belt, specifically suburban counties in the South, are attracting the most residents, while their northern, often gloomier counterparts, namely the Midwest, are losing the most residents. The Chicago area had the biggest net population loss of the top 100 metros as it dropped by 6,200 people, the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies reports.

Meanwhile, Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth saw the largest increases with population growth of 159,000 and 145,000 residents respectively. Four of the top 16 metros that saw the biggest influx of residents were located in Texas, making it unsurprising that the southern state led the way as that with the largest increase in population. The Lone Star State was followed by Florida, California, and Georgia as the top states experiencing the most population growth.

When looking with a little more specificity at the statistics and only accounting for domestic migration, the top ten counties with the highest net inflows were all located in the Sun Belt states of Arizona, Nevada, Florida, and Texas. Many of these counties that experienced strong domestic immigration numbers also experienced strong international immigration numbers.

For the full census breakdown, click the link below.

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