Americans Still Want Larger Homes

Most Americans believe the home they currently live in isn't the ideal size

February 26, 2015
Americans Still Want Larger Homes
Americans Still Want Larger Homes

According to a survey by Trulia, 43 percent of American adults would prefer a home bigger than the one they currently live in.

Only 40 percent of the survey’s respondents said that they were living in an ideal-sized home. A minority of respondents, 16 percent, responded that they want to downsize and live in a smaller space.

When separated by age groups, the survey found that most boomers are happy with the size of where they live (53 percent of respondents), but there are more boomers that want a bigger home than those that want a smaller one, 26 percent and 21 percent respectively.

The largest age group by share that want to move to a bigger home is the Millennial generation. More than 60 percent of Millennial respondents said they wanted a larger home.

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