America’s Most Fun Cities Include Las Vegas, Miami, And Salt Lake City

October 3, 2016

People wanting to live a fun life should move to New Orleans, Tampa, or Honolulu.

OK, that’s conventional wisdom. But WalletHub found that you can have a good time in Salt Lake City, Cincinnati, and Providence, R.I., as well.

The site ranked the 150 largest U.S. cities in terms of fun, based on 51 metrics including movie costs, average open hours of breweries, and number of fitness centers, restaurants, and dance clubs per capita.

At WalletHub, we define such a place as one that packs a little bit of everything for everyone — except maybe Johnny Knoxville and his extreme-thrill-seeking posse. In a city with enough variety, you won’t have to compromise with your amigos, your family or even yourself about the next fun activity to do alone or together.

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